New Orleans Luncheons

The Board strongly recommend all functions be pre-paid via the PayPal buttons on this webpage. PayPal gives you the option of using  PayPal account OR regular credit card. We will still take checks and now credit cards at the door for luncheons and Lucys but there will be a $5.00 handling fee added. The pre-payent via PayPal make the financial accounting easier, head count verifiable and prevents accounting errors. There also is no problem making change. We are working towards no longer taking cash at the door and want the chapter to get use to electronic pre-payments or credit card payments. The Board gave this great consideration and firmly voted to take this course. We hope everyone will appreciate our efforts to streamline operations, make accounting fully accountable and provide ease of paying for events. Of course, we will always make exceptions for certain grads outside the computer/smartphone environment.

And as always, networking and helping midshipmen and other grads is our main goal.

 Andreas Luncheons             Cost is $35 per person