Thank you for visiting our website. This is the home of the United States Merchant Marine Academy Alumni of the greater New Orleans region. It is dedicated to the hard work and success of the many outstanding graduates of the Academy. Our mission is the support of the Academy, her Midshipmen and fellow graduates. In this website, past, present and future events are detailed as well as current news items affecting the maritime industry. Also posted is list of our membership and leadership.

Thank you for visiting. Any high school student interested in the Academy and any graduates who are not listed and want to join, just drop us an email to kpnolachapter@gmail.com or info@kpnola.org

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Our Proud History

Pass Christian story

Our Memorial Service was a tremendous success. It was our honor to pay tribute to those grads who attended Pass Christian Basic School and set the course for all of us. See the full re dedication at the link below.


completed memorialOriginal Plaquerespect at the memorial

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‪United States Merchant Marine Academy‬‏ – Who We Are

‪United States Merchant Marine Academy‬‏ – YouTube.

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Living The Mission

Fifty Years of Living the Mission

·        KP_Class_History_Final_6.19.2013.pdf

The document summarizes the lives, careers and accomplishments of a single KP class (1962) and illustrates well the breadth of careers for which Kings Point can prepare its graduates. We are all aware of the extraordinary accomplishments of many individual graduates (e.g., astronauts, corporate, government and community leaders), but we believe that this focus on individual performance misses the real point about the impact of Kings Point – i.e., that of its entire graduate body. When one considers that our Class represents less than two percent of the USMMA alumni/alumnae, the impact of the entire graduate body on the marine industry and our nation can only be imagined – and makes the Fifty Years of Living the Mission (LTM) a story worth telling.

The study on which this summary is based was carried out over the last several months in follow-up to the celebration of the Class of ‘62’s fiftieth anniversary of its graduation last September. The Superintendent has enthusiastically welcomed this report and requested one hundred copies for Academy use in communications with governmental contacts, parents, midshipmen, recruits and others. With his approval, copies have also been provided to the Acting Maritime Administrator and members of his staff, the Academy’s Board of Advisors, the Congressional Board of Visitors, the Parents Association and to the Academy library for retention in its careers reference section.



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